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Iroquois Northgate America Republic

Specializing in services for 

INDIGENOUS MOORISH AMERICAN citizens and communities.


Indigenous North America Republic is The Moorish American Consulate M.A.C

in Caananland Northgate America (Amexem)



  • Nationality/Status Correction

  • Change your address

  • Birth Record

  • Marriage Record

  • National ID Photo Card

  • Travel Card/Passport

  • Death Record

Travel card/Passport

  • Travel card renewal

  • Passport renewal service

  • Conveyance: Plate/Alloidal Title

  • Travel Records 

  • Exchange Driver’s License for Travel Card  

  • Personalized Conveyance plates

  • Conveyance Records

  • Accessible parking Declaration


  • Search Business Declarations and renew Business names

  • Not-for-profits

  • Corporation Declarations



We, The People of the United States of America Republic, 

with profound reverence for the Supreme Ruler of the Universe, in order to form a more Independent and Perfect  community and business government; to have our own and establish Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice; insure tranquility; Provide for the common defense; Promote the general welfare and secure the sovereignty of ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America Republic.  As the Law of the Land, We, The People of the Moorish American Society, pledge Our Lives and Property to each other; to gain equal footing in the affairs of men and for other purposes in order to establish justice, promote the health, safety and welfare, secure the Blessings of liberty to Ourselves and Our Posterity do by Our representatives in Convention, ordain and establish the following Constitution Republic form of Government and mutually agree with each other to form Ourselves into a Free and Independent State by the name of: United States of America Republic and we do hereby ratify the boundaries assigned to such State by the Act of Redemption at the Pan American Conference in 1928; the aforesaid which are as follows to wit:  Extends from North-East and South-West Africa across great Atlantis even unto the present North, South and Central America and also into Mexico and the Atlantis Islands; Amexem, Turtle Island, Frog Island.  The fate of the unborn millions will now depend, under the Creator of the Universe, on the conduct of this Sovereign Nation State of Moorish American Nationals and Citizens, Let us, therefore, animate and encourage each other and show the whole world that we as Moorish American Nationals and Citizens are contending for Liberty as Moors on grounds superior to any nation on Earth; We now renew our Covenant with our Creator. Cliam your nationality Get your national Tax exempt ID, Drivers License, Passport, Heath Card, and all the benefit that the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA REPUBLIC ONTARIO SERVICES. Qualify for our ROYAL PROGRAM that help our people grow wealth for you and your families.

We are Flesh and Blood Natural Persons and duly affirm standing squarely upon our principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice depose: We are offspring of Free Moorish American National of Al Moroc (America) North, Central, South America and Adjoining Islands anciently referred to as Amexem and I am part and partial to the land of my Ancient Forefathers (Moroccans) by birthrights and inheritance aboriginal and indigenous as well as a de jure natural citizen of the continental United States for America and declaring our power and authority by right of birth and right of the soil, retaining all substantive unalienable rights and immunities as described in the Moroccan Treaty of Peace and Friendship of Seventeen Eighty Seven (1787) superseded by the Treaty of 1836 between the United States of America and Morocco, in force. Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (E/Cn4./Sub.2/1994/2/Add.1 (1994) Article 5 (Every indigenous individual has the right to a nationality). And in the (Declaration of The Rights of The Child, G.A. Res 1386 (XIV), 14 U.N. Ga or Supp. (No.16) at 19, U.N. Doc.A/4354(1959) Principle 3 (The child shall be entitled from his/her birth to a name and a nationality). Which is federally enforced pursuant to Section Seven of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, our Divine Constitution and Bylaws and the Zodiac Constitution (Natural Law), Diversity of Nationality through The Code of Laws of The United States Of America Of A General And Permanent In Force January 3 1935, 1934 Edition REGISTRATION NO: AA222141 Class A This Number Refers To:  The Code of Laws of The United States Of America Of A General And Permanent In Force January 3 1935, 1934 Edition TITLE 22 Chapter 2 Section 141 + TITLE 22: FOREIGN RELATION AND INTERCOURSE PAGE 954, Chapter 2: Consular Courts Section 141: Judicial Authority Generally. AA TITLE 22 Chapter 2 Section 142 General Judicial in Criminal cases, AA TITLE 22 Chapter 2 Section 142 General Judicial in Civil cases protected by the Treaty of Peace and Friendship of Seventeen Eighty Seven (1787) superseded by the Treaty of 1836 between the United States of America and Morocco.


I.N.A.R Moorish American National ID, Passport,Travel Card, and plates for conveyance, health is FREE, birth record and other services provided by the Moor House Law Office and M.A.C

The Moorish America Consulate.

Noble Drew Ali+Marcus Garvey El


Morris El Bey-2.jpg
Morris Bey
M.A.C Chief Judge
I.N.A.R Caananland

Tel: (437) 243-1433

 Al Drey. W . El
Attorney General
I.N.A.R Caananland

Tel: (416) 7927338 

Camraael. R . Bey
Grand Governor
I.N.A.R Caananland

Tel: (647) 654-3136

The great thing about our service is a great feeling of freedom and good health return to you with a great urgency to want to know much more.
Law and Financial Planning Consultation
1 hr

M.A.C     MOORISH AMERICA CONSULATE         Indigenous North American Republic Caananland I.N.A.R

251 Consumer Road, North York, Ontario, M2J 4R3

Tel:  (647) 654-3136


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